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I'm not an icon master, but if you are going to take one of my icons, or one of the icons I've credited to someone else, give proper credit where credit is due! When the idea and effort - whether large or small - for an icon belongs to someone else, you credit that person. Always.

Thank you.


I'm really into manga/anime/books/movies.

I'm an equal opportunity shipper and I very much dislike bashing.

I love anything related to the arts, music, and usually sports. I adore baseball. [.:*Yankees*:.] I have much Love for nature, animals, and water - for swimming, drinking, bathing, smexing, you name it. I just...kinda...don't like creatures of the sea overly much. They're nice to look at, but not when they might be swimming around me without my knowledge.

Dolphins don't count. Cause they're pretty. And like puppies of the sea...or something.


+ West :

Pisces: A MutableWater Sign

+ East :

Fire Tiger



Interests (61):

(lots-of-stuff-i-can't-remember-right-now), (or-i-am-too-lazy-to-write-them-out), acting, animals, anime, art(s), baseball, being-an-equal-opportunity-shipper, books, broadway, cartoons (old-and-new), clean air, cleansing, costumes, dancing, dogs, family, fanart, fanfiction, fetishes, film, final fantasy, food, gender equivalency, harmonizing, having-an-imagination, helping, icon-making, icons, kinks, laughing, literature, magic, manga, manners (please-and-thank-you), moresomes, movies, music, naturalpaths, nature, opera, oracle, philosophy, poetry, pretty sounds, psychology, reading, real-life, role-playing, senses, singing, smiling, spirituality, team 7, theatre, trivia, video games (even-though-i-don't-play), walking, wishes, world peace, writing
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