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Help? Answer: "What would you consider your ideal job?"

Hello LJ! I need your help please!

I have a Methods in Social Work assignment, and I would be much obliged if you could help me?

I was asked to interview 10 people to find out their ideal job by asking: "What would you consider your ideal job?"

I am to write down whether the answerer is a man or woman, and, with permission, record the age of the person, and their current occupation.

If the person asks for elaboration, "simply repeat that if they could describe a job that they would consider ideal, what would it be, what would it be like?"

The person is free to say as many details as s/he wishes about the ideal job.

It is totally legitimate for anyone to say that NO job is ideal, or that any job can be MADE to be ideal. You may encounter any variety of answers.

Privacy is to be maintained:

1. Accidental/Convenience sample of 10 people (preferably 16 years old and older)
2. Total anonymity: do not record names or any identifying information about the person.
3. If a person refuses, the first refusal is absolute. No intrusiveness.

I am to bring in the "raw data".

Anybody willing to answer?